Bang-e-Dra - Aqal-o-Dil - Zia Mohyeddin - Allama Iqbal. Buy Bang-e-Dara by Allama Iqbal (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The preface to Asrar-e khudi (The Secrets of the Self), ) [prose preface] ~~. ~~ From BANG-E DARA (The Call of the Bell), ) [site] ~~. "Two Taranahs".


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His poems are the outpourings of an inspired poet whose mind worked with equal passion in all his writings, big or small.

We find his heartbeats in every line he wrote, breathing his soul into every word which pulsates with tremendous force generating a corresponding current in our hearts.

His short poems are only nominally so.


They have as much importance and forceful impact as the long ones, the difference lying mainly in range, scale and theme. Considered from this point of view, his small poem, MUSAFIR The Travellerwhich relates to Afghanistan and in allama iqbal bang e dara he calls its valiant inhabitants Afghan-e-Ghayur high-minded, with great sense of honour is of absorbing interest in view of the historical background of the land and its people who, true to their indefatigable spirit, have fought stubbornly against a formidable superpower of the day for such a long time, close to decade.

Nothing could be more inspiring than this rare opportunity to have close-at-hand sight of this land allama iqbal bang e dara his dreams to which, among others, he looked forward to the uprise of Islam once again as a glorious faith with a glorious destiny.

Bang-e-Dra - Aqal-o-Dil - Zia Mohyeddin - Allama Iqbal - Video Dailymotion

It is full of rich poetry studded with numerous purple patches, allama iqbal bang e dara presents so many matters of interest with which few of us would he acquainted but for this miniature portrait of the country and all this poem contains.

It is this which impelled me to present this poem in English, for strangely enough, this pretty poem of Allama Iqbal has had no Nicholson or Arberry to bring allama iqbal bang e dara home to the West so far. The task was fraught with serious difficulties because of the linguistic and semantic qualities of the poem.

I, therefore, sought the collaboration of my friend, Mr. Applied translation discipline hasbeen chosen, by focusing on the target text theory.

The literal method of allama iqbal bang e dara has been used for full length paper to preserve the spirit of source text by not harming the charm of target text.

English language was chosen to translate the Urdu text. English is an international language having the beauty and charm of engrossing any language of the world.


In general, the purpose of translation is to reproduce various kinds of texts- including religious, literary, scientific, and philosophical texts- in another language and thus making them available to wider readers. Translating culture-specific concepts CSCs in general and allusions in particular seem to be one of the most challenging tasks to be performed by a translator; in other words, allusions are potential problems of the translation process due to the fact that allusions have particular connotations and implications in the source language SL and the foreign culture FC allama iqbal bang e dara not necessarily in the TL and the domestic culture.

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There are some procedures and strategies for rendering CSCs and allusions respectively. Translation involves the shifting of meaning restricted in one set of language signs through skilled use of dictionary and grammar.

The process includes an entire set of additional linguistic criteria also.

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