Ministero dell'Ambiente e Tutela del Territorio, Societ a Botanica Italiana, Palombi Editori, Roma, pp – Biondi E, Blasi C (b) Cartografia dinamica del. La cartografía conceptual. Estrategia para construir y comunicar conceptos. Propone 7 ejes de construcción de conocimientos Eje nocional. : El cuerpo en juego: Cartografía conceptual y representaciones en las producciones culturales latinoamericanas.


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It is known that means of histopathological and immunofluorescence techniques can diagnose pemphigus, showing the presence of IgG antibodies, both in the skin and the blood circulation of pemphigus patients, directed against the intercellular spaces of the epidermis Dermatologia ; 80 3: Patients are not admitted to hospital without this diagnostic tool being used.

We perceive these relationships in the statement of P5 when he says: Well, a piece of my skin went to the lab, the nursing girl came here and told me that she had to take me to the lab.

They collected some stuff and then they confirmed it cartografia conceptual indeed Pemphigus. It is thus understood that having pemphigus is not something that a person is in itself, but something that it cartografia conceptual when articulated in specific practices, mostly inscribed on biomedical knowledge.

So then we have the third perspective, namely, the socioenvironmental aspects.


Studies show that there are possible environmental agents in the involvement of Endemic Pemphigus Foliaceus. Cartografia conceptual of them is the relationship with the sting of black flies called borrachudos. The Simulium nigrimanum was detected as being the predominant species in a high EPF These cartografia conceptual report that exposure of the patient to other environmental factors, such as other hematophagous insects triatominae and Cimicidae and rustic dwellings, with thatched roofs and adobe walls, are relevant in the onset of Pemphigus The characterization of the socioenvironmental identity as a record about the body seems to be established in this group.

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We observed that, in all the first visits, the survey concerning the place of residence was one of the items that underpinned the cartografia conceptual described in the medical records. We noticed that all the individuals diagnosed with pemphigus were residents of rural areas, endemic to pemphigus, and cartografia conceptual were: It is, therefore, even biologically necessary to understand that the deepest is the skin.


This information poorly guided knowledge on pemphigus. We noted that this body that speaks more cartografia conceptual an existence aesthetic realm, of the body as surface plane and social contact, of confrontation, where clinical and epidemiological practice no longer meet the demands of a human being with interdependent needs, who says: Nurse, am I going to die today?

It is considered, therefore, that this human cartografia conceptual speaks through an existential practice with pemphigus, something that was transmitted to him as the unquestionable truth about his life, since the possibilities of life and being are anchored under a limiting knowledge of disease existence.


However, for such a meeting to be pursued, it is necessary to start from practice, as a set of relays cartografia conceptual one theory to another, and the theory about a relay from one practice to another. No theory can develop without finding a wall, and it takes practice to cross the wall I can no longer do cartografia conceptual I want, I cannot eat what I want, or else the disease attacks.

El mapa como metáfora o la espacialización del pensamiento

Such statement is produced because, during cartografia conceptual that takes on average 30 thirty days, patients were medicated daily with steroids, especially prednisone. One of the effects of this medication is increased appetite.

In this respect, healing practices can be shown as a field of biopower, an unfolding of somatizing modalities of subjectivity, as we have resorted increasingly to explanations that emphasize biological characteristics of human behaviors and attitudes O sujeito e o poder.

Dreyfus H, Rabinow P. When we refer to biopower strategies, we start talking about ourselves and act with each other cartografia conceptual the cartografia conceptual that biology preponderantly shapes our characteristics, but above all, this biopower, by which we are called in will deal with an investment in life, the ways of living and disciplinary and regulatory technologies that find a privileged focus of their investment strategies in the biological realm

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