This month, we are examining the Clay. Paky Alpha Spot HPE (Fig. 1). That's a mouthful of a name for what is actually quite a compact unit. At W, it's a. The Alpha Spot is a W spotlight with the same optical, lighting and structural qualities as the Alpha Spot HPE It is ideal for basic applications with. The Alpha Spot HPE is compact, lightweight, silent, practical to install and extremely bright. It has superior graphic and optical performance and is the most.


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It is essential to know the information and comply with the instructions given in this manual to ensure the fitting is installed, used and serviced correctly and safely.

Make sure the point of anchorage is stable before positioning clay paky alpha spot 300 projector. The safety chain must be properly hooked onto the fitting and secured to the framework, so that, if the primary support system fails, the fitting falls as little as possible.

If the safety chain gets used, it needs to be replaced with a genuine spare. Check that the mains frequency and voltage correspond to those for which the projector is designed as given on the electrical data label.

This label also gives the input clay paky alpha spot 300 to which you need to refer to evaluate the maximum number of fittings to connect to the electricity line, in order to avoid overloading. After switching off, do not remove any parts of the fitting for at least 10 minutes. After this time the likelihood of the lamp exploding is virtually nill.

If it is necessary to replace the clay paky alpha spot 300, wait for another 20 minutes to avoid getting burnt.

ACT Lighting | Clay Paky: Alpha Spot

The fitting is designed to hold in any splinters produced by a lamp exploding. The lenses must be mounted and, if visibly damaged, they have to be replaced with genuine spares. This igniter is fitted onto the apparatus.

To preserve the environment, please dispose the battery at the end of its life according to the regulation in force. This must be securely fixed to the support structure of the projector and then connected to the fixing point clay paky alpha spot 300 the centre of the base.

Do not use microphone cable or other clay paky alpha spot 300 with characteristics differing from those specified. The wires must not make contact with each other or with the metal casing of the connectors.

The casing itself must be connected to the shield braid and to pin 1 of the connectors. The projector starts resetting the effects.

At the same time, the following information scrolls on the display: The control panel Fig.

CLAY PAKY - Alpha Spot - included lamp and omega (New) - JSFrance

The display can be in one of two conditions: During menu setting status, after a wait time about 30 seconds without any key having been pressed, the display automatically returns to rest status.

It should be noted than when this condition occurs, any possible value that has been modified but not yet clay paky alpha spot 300 with the key will be cancelled. This status will be memorised and maintained even for the next time it will be switched on.

To return to the initial state, repeat the operation all over again.

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Setting the projector starting address On each projector, the starting address must be set for the control signal addresses from 1 to The address can also be set with the projector switched off. The Fixture ID address can be set with the projector switched off.


Setting the Fixture ID: B C Functions of the buttons - Using the menu F C Confirms the displayed value, or activates the displayed function, or enters the successive menu.

Decreases the value displayed with clay paky alpha spot 300 or passes to the next item in the menu.


To set the setting options. To read the counters, software version and other information. To trigger the test and manual control functions.

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