Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Vicomte de Bragelonne is the final volume of D'Artagnan Romances. When Dumas wrote the novel publishers considered it too long and so they divided it. Find Le Vicomte De Bragelonne by Dumas, Alexandre at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.


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There are a lot of new names to remember and this handy edition has a breakdown of characters at the back but there are still some fun musketeer adventures and daring deeds. This specific edition, though, includes a lot of notes which bothered me a bit.

The Vicomte de Bragelonne

I didn't think it was necessary to add a note for everything that referred to something from a previous book. We all remember what went down with Milady, yo. I hope more people get around dumas le vicomte de bragelonne reading the entire series, because you've really gotta read how d'Artagnan decides to get rid of Monk.

It's my favourite part of the whole book and it's hilarious. Some dumas le vicomte de bragelonne, you have to wade through the descriptive literature to find the threads of a story- with dumas le vicomte de bragelonne work of Dumas, this is rarely the case.

The story is so colourful that the language simply adds a greater depth and poetry that enhances, rather than hinders, the work. The story itself has as much intrigue as the previous Musketeers novels, though the absence of two of the four is sorely missed for a good portion of the book.

Suspecting that D'Artagnan has arrived on the king's behalf to investigate, Aramis tricks D'Artagnan into wandering around Vannes in search of Porthos, and sends Porthos on an heroic ride back to Paris to warn Fouquet of the danger. Fouquet rushes to the king, and gives him Belle-Isle as a present, thus allaying any suspicion, and at the same time humiliating Colbert, just minutes before the usher announces someone else seeking an audience with the king.

Le Vicomte De Bragelonne

Louis XIV has become king having gained the age of majority, but he is still ruled by Mazarin who is not convinced that the king is ready to dumas le vicomte de bragelonne king. When Mazarin finally passes on, Louis sees his chance to become the king he wants to be: Aramis, are not really fond of the idea.

On the other hand financial vice-superintendant Mr Colbert sees great possibilities for himself if Fouquet would only be history. At this crucial moment he finally sees himself mastered and, to his own amazement, now values his master more than he thought he would ever.

Only Aramis he dumas le vicomte de bragelonne not have to go dumas le vicomte de bragelonne see, but he will turn up very unexpectedly later Much later The Vicomte de Bragelonne is a very nice, fitting, passionate and at the same time very placid end to the story of our four or is it three?

Philippe, though little attracted to women, becomes horribly jealous of Buckingham and has him exiled after the wedding.

Fearing a tarnishing of Louise's reputation by affairs at court, Raoul seeks to marry her. The king, however, refuses to sanction the marriage because Louise is of dumas le vicomte de bragelonne social status, and so marriage is delayed. Meanwhile, the struggle for power begins between Fouquet and Colbert.

Meanwhile, Aramis meets the governor of the Bastille M. Aramis uses this secret to persuade the dying general of the Jesuits to name him his successor. To avoid her new husband being jealous Henrietta suggests that the king choose a young lady at court to act as a smokescreen for their flirtation.


That same night Henrietta hears de Guiche confess his love for her to Raoul. The two pursue their own love affair.

The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later - Wikipedia

Aware of Louise's attachment, the king sends Raoul to England indefinitely as a diplomatic envoy. Rumours of the king's love affair cause friction with de Wardes, who has inherited from his father a hatred of d'Artagnan and all those associated with him.

De Guiche is forced to fight a duel with him and is defeated and seriously wounded. The incident is the last straw for Madame Henrietta who resolves to dismiss Louise from dumas le vicomte de bragelonne service as Maid of Honour.

The king dissuades Henrietta, but she prevents the king from seeing Dumas le vicomte de bragelonne. On his return to France, Raoul is heartbroken to discover Louise in the arms of the king.

Athos finds out everything and spits his contempt at Louis XIV.

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