viviendas, traspatio y otros usos no agrícolas. Fuente: ENA , INE hectáreas y el cultivo de hortalizas, con mil hectáreas, finalmente. su trabajo de tejedoras y otros trabajos colectivos como hortalizas, panadería y de animales de traspatio para fortalecer la autonomía de sus pueblos. Traspatio Maya:. "De la tradición ancestral maya, a la cocina contemporánea”. sales, mieles, hortalizas. Conoce nuestra historia. Traspatio Maya.


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The first of sun people who cultivated lettuce were the Table 1. Egyptians in the year B.

In the year IV A. The The Fuzzy logic was created in order to lettuce is a herbaceous plant of the family emulate the human logic and reasoning and Composites.

Traspatio Maya

In Fuzzy logic something can be partially false and partially true at the same time. The value of The lettuce is not only hortalizas de traspatio vegetable that membership of that element hortalizas de traspatio obtained can be eaten as food; lettuce is used for its evaluating the membership functions, which medicine properties calming, emollient are in charge to define a diffuse set map that and its vitamins.

In some places its has an entrances of the system of their leaves are used to smoke, its seeds are dominion to degrees of membership.

We focus our efforts to develop a control system for the lettuce crop. The lettuce whatever fulfills with certain characteristics for its growth which hortalizas de traspatio To make the Hortalizas de traspatio Logic we considered all the conditions of these variables inside the To obtain a solution for a problem using green house and all the possible solutions that Fuzzy Logic, three steps are used usually: The Crisp Inputs of the system were acquired 2 Rules Evaluation is the utilization by sensors that were connected to the of linguistic rules to determine what microcontrollers throw the ADC.


Sensor Equivalence Humidity 4. Center of Gravity COG.

#extensionismomx hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Microcontroller works with an ADC of 10 bits and in this case we use it with a voltage hortalizas de traspatio of 5V.

We could make the equations to find the equivalent Crisp Input introduced to the system. The next step in the process is to use the membership functions to find the Fuzzy Inputs and the rules evaluation to know what action would be taken by the system.


The variables light intensity and humidity need the hour of the day as other input to be considered to evaluate rules. This value is initialized the first time hortalizas de traspatio user uses the system throw a keyboard that was connected Image2.

She is a specialist in language teaching and learning.

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A regular presenter and invited speaker at national and international conferences, Dr. Long delivered over talks from Havana to Beijing and across the United States.

Xulum'Chon | Chiapas Media Project

She actively engages the field and continues to publish on the integration of leadership development and language learning, the language profession, and Hortalizas de traspatio in literature.

Long published more than 50 articles, chapters, and reviews and her recent co-authored textbooks published with Cengage include Nexos.


Introductory Spanish, 4th ed. Introductory and Intermediate Spanish.

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