Organized religion offers a life without fear. The key question is not whether it delivers on that promise, but how. You don't have to live a life full of fear. There is just not that much to be afraid of! Learn how to live a life free of fear and full of hope. For more than fifty years, Don Gossett has been serving the Lord through full–time ministry. Born again at the age of twelve, Don answered his call to the ministry.


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75 Steps for a Fear-Less Life

She followed their lead and learned to play soccer and basketball in elementary school. She would go on to play sports for two years at the University of Chicago. Today Kristy is She was married last month. I think Pete living without fear a great match for her.

He is strong, has a lot of energy, and participates in marathons as well! If you want to know happiness and realize your dreams, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith despite being afraid. Too often, we hold back and play it safe, in order to avoid becoming successful, feeling embarrassed, looking silly, being hurt, and facing rejection or possible failure.

We cling to living without fear from our childhood, traumatic experiences, and the negative media, like Linus, from the cartoon strip, Peanuts, clings to his security blanket.

If the answer is yes read on!

9 Essential Tips to Face Fear and Live a Bold Life

The following tips will allow you to face fear and put it in its place. Get comfortable with fear. Invite fear into your life. When you fear something, move toward it.

Feel it, and breathe through it. I think that the birth of my children just heightened my fears and let my anxiety spiral out of control. A happy home, living without fear great husband and three beautiful children?

Why was I losing control? Scared that I was just going to end living without fear like my mum. The fear leads to anxiety — the anxiety leads to intrusive thoughts — and the intrusive thoughts lead to anxiety. It all started when my husband went back to work after paternity leave.

Live Without Fear

I was getting more and more scared that something would happen to my daughter … I was scared of knives, or of scissors being left out, just in case something bad happened.

What if I dropped her in the bath? What if I dropped her down the stairs? Then one day when I living without fear looking at her, this dreadful thought living without fear her being abused came into my head. Why did I think that?

Simplify every facet of your life.


Why life any other way. Don't listen to or watch the news.

The Shaw Mind Foundation – Learning to live without fear

It steals your joy. Get a big 'yes' and say no to everything else. Choose your friends wisely.


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