Midnight: Mao Dun: six novels, including Ziye (; Midnight), which is commonly considered his representative work, and 16 collections of short stories and. Midnight [Mao Tun] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A novel about the violence and corruption in Nationalist China in the 's by Shen. Mao Dun (4 July – 27 March ) was the pen name of Shen Dehong (Shen Yanbing), . In came his next work, Midnight, which gained great popularity, to a point that it was also published in French and English, and it allowed to  Relations‎: ‎Shen Zemin‎ (brother).


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Midnight / Mao Dun ; [translation by Xu Mengxiong]. - Version details - Trove

Early life[ edit ] His father, Shen Yongxi Chinese: Mao Dun's mother Chen Aizhu Chinese: He mentions in his memoirs that "my first instructor is my mother". Through learning from his parents, Mao dun midnight Dun developed great interest in writing during his childhood.


Mao Dun had already started to develop his writing skills when he was still in primary school. In one examination the examiner commented on Mao Dun's script: There were other similar comments which indicate that Mao Dun had been a brilliant writer since his youth.

While Mao Dun was studying mao dun midnight secondary school in Hangzhouextensive reading and strict writing skills training filled his life.

He read the Wen XuanShishuo Xinyuand a large number of classical novels, which influenced his writing style. Mao Dun entered the three-year foundation school offered by Peking University inin which he studied Chinese and Western literature. Due to financial difficulties, he had mao dun midnight quit in the summer ofbefore his graduation.

Midnight: Mao Tun: : Books

The trainings in Chinese and English as well as knowledge of Chinese and Western literature provided by the fifteen years of education Mao Dun received had prepared him to show up in the limelight mao dun midnight the Chinese journalistic and literary arena.

Apart from editing, Mao Dun also started to write about his mao dun midnight thoughts and criticisms. To some extent, he was inspired by the famous magazine New Youth.

Like in andhe wrote two editorials for Xuesheng Zazhi: Despite the fact that he was a naturalistic novelist, he admired writers like Leo Tolstoyfor their great artistic style.

Inhe was invited to edit a new column: His young writer friends in Beijing supported mao dun midnight by submitting their creative writings, translating Western literature and their views on new literature theories and techniques to the magazines.

The reformed Monthly was proved to be a success.

It had facilitated the continuation of the Mao dun midnight Cultural Movement by selling ten thousand copies a month and more importantly by introducing Literature for life, a brand new realistic approach to Chinese literature.

In this period, Mao Dun had become a leading figure of the movement in the southern part of Mao dun midnight. On the notion of content reformation, both the innovative and conservative parties in the Commercial Press could not make a compromise.

Midnight | work by Mao Dun |

Mao Dun resigned from mao dun midnight Chief Editor of Fiction Monthly inbut in he became the chief columnist of the Minguo yuebao.

He wrote more than mao dun midnight editorials for this newspaper to criticize Chiang Kai-shekand to support revolutions. At first, he worked as a liaison for the party. At the same time, Mao Dun participated in Chiang Kai-shek 's Northern Expedition —28the main purpose was to unite the country.

He quit, however, when Chiang's Kuomintang broke with the Communists.

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