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Best choice for a family getaway Whatsapp is also available: Different kind of bikes are available If you book a buggy guided navarra turismo, on of your sons can be with the guide in his buggy withut any extra charge minimum of 2 buggies are required Only valid if you book in our site, by e-mail or phone.

Its 16th century crucifix is Germanic and has the form of a Y. The following navarra turismo special attention.

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  • Child Friendly Hotel, perfect for large families

The Palace of the Kings of Navarra from the 12th century is an example of navarra turismo Romanic architecture and is today the site of the Museum Gustavo de Maeztu. Before leaving Estella, it is interesting to visit the older town hall from the 16th century, the home of Friar Diego navarra turismo Estella, navarra turismo Renaissance palace from the 16th century and the Palace of the Governor from the 17th century that is now the Carlist Museum.


Navarra Turismo Monuments belonging to the Monastery of Irache, built between the 12th and navarra turismo centuries, are very close in distance to Estella and an important stop for pilgrims.

Also near Estella is the Monastery Cisterciense de Iranzu, built between the 12th and 14th centuries in a mountainous, forest setting. The ground floor is octagonal and covered with a vault of parallel ribs similar to navarra turismo caliphate style.

It was a church-light house. The walls of this town were built in the first century.


During the middle ages, the kings and queens of Navarra lived here. Their castle-palace navarra turismo declared a National Monument in and is an example of non-religious Gothic architecture.


XII o principios del s. Tras este episodio, los monjes tuvieron que refugiarse en el santuario de Loyola hasta Navarra turismo Monumento Nacional enes una de las visitas obligadas durante su estancia en Pamplona.

Un recorrido que atraviesa el pueblo de este a oeste, siguiendo la ruta jacobea por las calles del Crucifijo y Mayor. Occidente es fruto del mestizaje. Se ha construido a lo largo de la historia por medio del encuentro entre distintas civilizaciones: El verdadero encanto de esta joya del patrimonio monumental navarro reside en su rica y cuidada escultura.

En ellos descubrimos un mundo vivaracho de personajes tallados con mayor tosquedad y con navarra turismo valor moralizante. El Parque-Museo Santxotena de Arizkun es una simbiosis navarra turismo y arte un homenaje a los Agotes; los habitantes del bosque.

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