Data Envelopment. Analysis (DEA). ◇DEA is a linear programming method for comparing the relative productivity (or efficiency) of multiple service units. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) was selected because of its ability to . and Managerial Efficiency: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Program. This paper explores duality in models of data envelopment analysis (DEA) for the dual DEA model respectively, highlighting the duality of the solution spaces.


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He received his B. His research interests decision making, Data Envelopment Analysis, Engineering management and strategic management.

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His published research articles appear in journal or intelligent and fuzzy system, Pdf data envelopment analysis Problems in Engineering, international journal of data envelopment analysis.

Hamed Nozari was born in Iran, in He received the BS. Degree in Mechanical engineering fluid mechanic inand continued his educations in Industrial Engineering production planning and Socioeconomics engineering in MSc and PhD levels.

He has taught various courses in the field of Industrial Engineering and has published many books and papers as well. Pdf data envelopment analysis main advantage to this method is its ability to accommodate a multiplicity of inputs and outputs.

It is also useful because it takes into consideration returns to scale in calculating efficiency, allowing for the concept of increasing or decreasing efficiency based on size and output levels.

However, these features may not actually represent inputs and outputs at all, in the standard notion of production. The issue now becomes one of how to classify these performance measures into inputs and outputs, for use in DEA.

A desire to Improve upon DEA, by reducing its disadvantages or strengthening its advantages has been a major cause for many discoveries pdf data envelopment analysis the recent literature. The pdf data envelopment analysis most often DEA-based method to obtain unique efficiency rankings is called cross-efficiency.

Originally developed by Sexton et al. The average of these peer-appraisal scores is then used to calculate a DMU's cross-efficiency score.

For instance a government authority can choose data envelopment analysis as their measuring tool to design an individualized regulatory rate pdf data envelopment analysis each firm based on their comparative efficiency.

The input components would include man-hours, losses, capital lines and transformers onlyand goods and services.


The output variables would include number of customers, energy delivered, length of lines, and degree of coastal exposure.

Berg DEA is also regularly used to assess the efficiency of public and not-for-profit organizations, e.

Examples[ edit ] In the DEA methodology, formally developed by Charnes, Cooper and Rhodesefficiency is defined as a ratio of weighted sum of outputs to a weighted sum of inputs, where the weights structure is calculated by means of mathematical programming and constant returns to scale CRS are assumed.

Assume that we have the following data: Unit 1 produces items per day, and the inputs per item are 10 dollars for materials and 2 labour-hours Unit 2 produces 80 items per day, and the inputs are 8 dollars for materials and 4 labour-hours Unit 3 produces items per day, and the inputs are 12 dollars for materials and 1.

But since linear programming cannot handle fraction, we need to transform the formulation, such that we limit the denominator of the objective function and only allow the linear programming to maximize the numerator. So the new formulation would be: Inefficiency measuring[ edit ] Data Envelopment Analysis DEA has been recognized as pdf data envelopment analysis valuable analytical research instrument and a practical decision support tool.

DEA has been credited for not requiring a complete specification pdf data envelopment analysis the functional form of the production frontier nor the distribution of pdf data envelopment analysis deviations from the frontier.

Rather, DEA requires general production and distribution assumptions only.

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However, if those assumptions are too weak, inefficiency levels may be systematically underestimated in small samples. In addition, erroneous assumptions may cause inconsistency with a bias over the frontier. Therefore, the ability to alter, test and select production assumptions is essential in conducting DEA-based research.


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