Event Details. Event type: All Ages. The Penderecki String Quartet has played worldwide since arriving at WLU over 25 years ago. So far, they have only decided  Wed, Dec 5. MacDonald, A.: Winds of Thera · Penderecki String Quartet: Launch Pad · Glick: Spritual Reflections - Meditations In Preparation for S'Lichot · Schubert: Works. Celebrating their 31st anniversary, the Penderecki String Quartet began their career as winners of the Penderecki Prize at the National Chamber Music.


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Despite a penderecki string quartet return to the heterogeneous textures of the first panel, the impression is one of the isolated dispersal of its elements, rather than any attempt at conventional coherence.

By the time that he wrote his String Quartet No 2Penderecki had begun to broaden his appeal in monumental vocal-instrumental works such as penderecki string quartet St Luke Passion and Dies Irae The quartet, however, maintains the orthodox sonoristic approach of its predecessor, with certain modifications.

Gone are most of the percussive performance techniques, developing instead the idea of homogenous ensemble textures with which the first string quartet concluded.

The Penderecki String Quartet - Richard Paul Concert Artists

These are now extended over broader time-spans. The second quartet opens with a tight penderecki string quartet subito pppp semitonal cluster, which then proceeds slowly to develop flights of penderecki string quartet. The pace quickens in scurrying semiquavers, incorporating quartertones, heterophonic textures, and guitar-like strumming in glissandi.

When rhythmic unison is briefly established, this triggers what might be regarded as a traditional interplay of motivic ideas, akin to a development.

Penderecki String Quartet

And although new soundblocks continue to be introduced, there is little sense of a recapitulation, although Penderecki seems to allude to some penderecki string quartet the early textures.

Penderecki string quartet years after the premiere of the second string quartet by the Parrenin Quartet in Berlin inPenderecki made a decisive break with the language of sonorism.

With its opening E flat minor triad, against which the viola one of his favourite instruments unfolds a melody, the third string quartet belongs in a completely different world than that of its predecessor forty years earlier. It provides a retrospective if not sentimental glance at his penderecki string quartet over this period.

There is the halting, sometimes grotesque penderecki string quartet based on a repeated minor third. There are also passages where his sonoristic heterophony seems to have been recast in diatonic terms.


There is even, in the latter stages, a recollection of a gypsy violin tune that apparently his father played to him in his childhood.

The LaSalle players were at the forefront in the promotion of new music, especially the works of Schoenberg, Berg and Webern, but even they were surprised when the new piece arrived, with individual parts but no full score.

Within certain points of time particular players perform their parts quite independently penderecki string quartet each other … if I did write a normal score, superimposing the parts mechanically, it would be false, misleading, and it would represent a different work.

The two movements are headed 'Introductory' and 'Main', with proportions of roughly 1: After being joined by the other players, the first penderecki string quartet intervenes briefly, before being united once again with the rest of the penderecki string quartet.

Once again, the ensemble is interrupted, this time by octave C naturals on the cello.

Penderecki String Quartet

A pattern has been set of ensemble musings interrupted by forthright C naturals, and this becomes the framework for the rest of the movement. The result is a lack of satisfaction, since each episode does not actually fold up at the end, it is not completed but brusquely interrupted.

The figure becomes chromatically distorted and is played pizzicato, until the cello emerges to launch the second, 'Main' movement. Partway through, the cello recalls its distorted pizzicato chord from the end of the 'Introductory' movement.

On its first appearance, it sets off penderecki string quartet keening violins, on the second, low scurryings. Earlier violists penderecki string quartet included Yariv Aloni and Dov Scheindlin. Among cellists Paul Pulford was succeeded by Simon Fryer Penderecki string quartet participates in Waterloo's Festival of String Quartets QuartetFestwhich combines performances with a month-long seminar on quartet playing for string students.

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