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ISO [ 8 ] is a standard that states testing methods, requirements, and criteria that must be met by pressure regulating valves used in irrigation.


The evaluation of irrigation equipment following standardized pressure regulating valve is important to determine operational characteristics of the equipment and to quantify its performance. The objectives of this work were as follows: We carried out tests to evaluate regulation uniformity, regulation curve, and the regulated pressure as function of flow rate and inlet pressure.

Tests were performed in a pressure regulating valve according to the standard and recommendations of the PRV manufacturer.

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Pressure regulating valve work extends a previous research accomplished by [ 9 ]. Materials and Methods 2. Testing Bench Tests were undertaken in a testing bench Figure 1 consisting of a pump and an automated system for pressure control, equipped with a variable frequency drive and proportional-integral-derivative PID controller.

PRV – Pressure Regulating Valves - GF Piping Systems

Pressure regulating valve PID controller uses a pressure transmitter, installed at the inlet of the PRV, to calculate the error between the pressure set point and measured pressure and then applies an output signal to the variable frequency drive.

The pressures at the inlet and outlet of the PRV were monitored using pressure transmitters inlet pressure: Instrumentation flowchart of the testing bench for evaluation of pressure regulating valves FT: Material Evaluated Three models of pressure regulating valves were evaluated: The models are named according to their declared preset pressure.

According to the manufacturer, the Brazilian company Fabrimar, the three models present a nominal pressure of The nominal pressure pressure regulating valve to the maximum static working pressure at which the PRV is stated to operate under normal service conditions [ 8 ].

In addition, all models have female threaded connections at the inlet and outlet of the valve. The pressure regulating valve pressure i. Based on the declared preset pressures, tests were carried out under the following inlet pressures: From the obtained results, the coefficient pressure regulating valve variation was calculated according to the following equation: The regulated pressure was measured at constant inlet pressure and under flow rates corresponding to the following reference velocities: Thus, the flow rates tested were 0.

Pneucon Valves

For each model of PRV, a pressure regulating valve of regulated pressure as a function of flow rate was plotted. The chart pressure regulating valve three series of data corresponding to tests carried out under the following inlet pressures: Thus, 10 PSI model was evaluated under ISO [ 8 ] describes a test to determine the regulated pressure as function of inlet pressures at constant flow rate and neglecting hysteresis effects.

The manufacturer claims that the regulated pressure of PRVs is influenced by the flow rate through the valve, and the recommended procedure by ISO does not factor in such pressure regulating valve effect.

Moreover, hysteresis effects are expected to influence the regulated pressure and should be taken into account while modeling the regulated pressure as a function of inlet pressure and flow rate.

Inlet pressures ranged from Tests were carried out systematically increasing and decreasing inlet pressures in order to factor in hysteresis effects. Owing to the pressure regulating valve specifications, the 10 PSI model was evaluated under flow rates of 0.

PRV – Pressure Regulating Valves

Experimental data gathered during the tests were employed to fit a mathematical model for each PRV model. The mathematical model enables estimation of the regulated pressure as a function of flow rate and inlet pressure see 2 pressure regulating valve 4 ].

RMSE was calculated as follows: The pressure regulating valve error between estimated and measured values of pressure was determined by the following equation:

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