Stanford Robotics and Autonomous Systems Seminar series hosts both invited and internal speakers. The seminar aims to bring the campus-wide robotics. For the Seminar CSE Robotics the students work independently on a study of a selected topics in the field of Robotics and Intelligent Systems. They start with a. A list of the authoritative industrial robotics and automation conferences and events, including Collaborative Robot Safety Training Seminar - Ann Arbor, 28 - Nov


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October 16, Rob WoodHarvard University The Mechanical Side of Artificial Intelligence video - no audio Artificial Intelligence typically focuses on perception, learning, and control methods to enable autonomous robots to make and act on decisions in real environments.

On the contrary, our research is focused on the design, mechanics, materials, and manufacturing of novel robotics seminar platforms that make the perception, control, or action robotics seminar or more robust for natural, unstructured, and often unpredictable environments.

Robotics Seminar

Robotics seminar principles in this pursuit include bioinspired designs, smart materials for novel sensors and actuators, and the development of multi-scale, multi-material manufacturing methods. This robotics seminar will illustrate this philosophy by highlighting the creation of two unique classes of robots: Wood completed his M.

In he was selected for the Alan T. Waterman award, the National Science Foundation's most prestigious early career award. In he was named one of National Geographic's "Emerging Explorers".

Robotics Seminar | Robotics @ MIT

Wood's group is also dedicated to STEM education by using novel robots to motivate young students to pursue careers in science and engineering. From an analytical standpoint, intermittent frictional contact the essence of manipulation is difficult to model, robotics seminar it gives rise to non convex problems with no known efficient solvers.

Contact is also difficult to sense, particularly with sensors integrated in a mechanical package that must also be compact, highly articulated and appropriately actuated i.

Articulation and actuation present their own challenges: In this talk, I will present our work trying to address these challenges: These are stepping stones towards achieving versatile robotic manipulation, needed by applications as diverse as logistics, manufacturing, disaster response and space robots.

His current work focuses on robot motor control, mechanism and sensor design, robotics seminar and learning, all aiming to demonstrate complex motor skills such as dexterous manipulation.

Robotics Seminar Fall 2018

Matei completed his Ph. They are designed to augment your capabilities and dexterity through physical cooperation.


These "Third Arms" are typically waist-mounted and designed to work in the volume directly in front of you, cooperating with your robotics seminar actions. We are not developing fast or strong robots, robotics seminar we focus on the interaction design issues and variety of task opportunities that arise.

Robotics Seminar Fall – Robotics at Cornell

Putting a robot directly in your personal space enables new ways for human-robot cooperation. Ours are designed to robotics seminar the environment with all their surfaces.

This enables "whole-arm manipulation" as well as end-effector-based actions. How should you communicate with such a robot?

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How do you it teach it physical tasks? Can it learn robotics seminar observing things you do and anticipate helpful actions? In this talk I will describe our work on wearables and discuss the design process leading to current embodiments.

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