Expert video instruction for every lesson in the corresponding Saxon Math textbook. Saxon Math, Fourth Edition, Student edition. Author: Stephen Hake ; John Saxon; Original Publisher: Saxon Publishers; Grade Level: 7; ISBN Saxon Math 7/6 has 30 ratings and 5 reviews. Lisa said: Middle school math. Saxon math works exceptionally well for some people. Some of the popular fe.


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While not as colourful as the Singapore Maths we used the grade 1 booksthese provide a solid foundation and continue to review the basics which saxon math 7/6 need. This saxon math 7/6 introduces concepts easily I can basically read the introduction of each unit and works through key examples, and then provides the student with a set of problems to work through.

I would highly recommend it to parents who wants a solid foundation for maths for their child and wants the continual reinforcement of basic concepts practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.! He hated math in public school. Liking math at home is a success all by itself in my book!

Can you tell I love it too?

Teaching Tape Technology | Saxon Math 7/6 (3rd Ed)

I was disappointed with the kindergarten Saxon math, just looked at it today. Saxon Math Review by Chrissy February 23, It is a great program if you have alot of time to spend on saxon math 7/6 subject.

It is great if you have the time.

It explains step by step ow to do everything and I realy enjoy it but it is time consumeing Saxon Math Review by Samantha February saxon math 7/6, Pros: I find the repetitiveness great, math should be constantly reviewed or it will be forgotten. I love that for every problem it is listed what lesson they learned it in so if they need to look back they can.

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I know that if my children continue with this curriculum they will do very well in math. K-3 too slow and basic Grades Used: Tried saxon math 7/6 for early grades and was disappointed.


It set my girls behind in math. It was too basic and slow moving.

Saxon Math 7/6 Homeschool Complete Kit, 4th Edition

Switched to another curriculum middle of 3rd grade and my daughter was way behind in that curriculum while the Saxon math 7/6 was to easy and slow moving. Perhaps it gets better in the middle grades, but it was too late.

Saxon lost us to another more thorough challenging curriculum.


Plus, the instruction is much different than saxon math 7/6 I learned in school, so I have to learn the new ways of doing the problems frequently.

I wish that for this price there were more help guides given.

Saxon Math 7/6 Homeschool: Online Textbook Help

We will continue to use it until we find something better though. It is based on spiral learning and repetition, which as stated above gets pretty boring pretty fast.

I find that linear learning when it comes to math, has a better outcome. K - 6th We found the Kindergarten too easy so we skipped into 1st grade.

It has been very easy to use as well as continuing saxon math 7/6 remind the student of what they have already learned.

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