Definition of separatist - a person who supports the separation of a particular group of people from a larger body on the basis of ethnicity, religion, or ge. SEPARATISTS, PURITANSEPARATISTS, PURITAN. The Separatists, or Independents, were radical Puritans who, in the late sixteenth century, advocated a. Start studying Separatists. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.


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Separatist, separatists- WordWeb dictionary definition

These parties have also used the terms "sovereignty," "sovereignty-association" and "independence" to describe their primary goal, although each of these concepts has a somewhat different meaning. Confederation, Secessionism, and Defeat Separatists definition first full-fledged secessionist movement in Separatists definition emerged in Nova Scotia shortly after Confederation in response to economic grievances, but it was quickly defeated.

No other serious separatist force appeared in an English-speaking province for another century. There were, however, isolated advocates of the doctrine of separatism. The party was able to rally most of the province's nationalist political groups to its separatists definition of political independence coupled separatists definition economic association "sovereignty-association" with English-speaking Canada.

The PQ was nevertheless re-elected in on a separatists definition that included a promise to defer the independence question for at least another full term of office.

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This meant repatriating the British North America Act from Britain — or transferring it to the authority of the Canadian Parliament — and introducing a new constitution with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. See Patriation of the Constitution.

The PQ was defeated in the provincial election by the Liberals under the rejuvenated leadership of separatists definition premier Robert Bourassaand languished in opposition for the rest of the decade. Some groups refer to their organizing as independence, self-determination, partition separatists definition decolonization movements instead of, or in addition separatists definition, autonomist, separatist or secession movements.


Sikhs in India sought an independent nation of Khalistan after an agitation in the s and s for implementation of the Anandpur Sahib Resolution demanding things such as a greater share of river water and autonomy for Punjab resulted in the storming of the Harimandir Sahib Golden Temple by the Government of India troops in The storming of the temple to flush out Sikh Militants who were gaining momentum in their agitation for greater autonomy for Punjab resulted in Sikhs demanding an independent state for the Sikhs situated in Punjab Khalistan movement.

The conflict escalated and led to an assassination of the Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi as a retaliation of an Indian military operation called 'Operation Blue Star' directed against the Sikhs' separatists definition shrine, the Separatists definition Temple, in which many innocent Sikh civilians too lost their lives.

Separatist - Dictionary Definition :

A Global Reference Each of the movement essays includes a description of the people and a summary of their core aspirations--political, cultural and economic; the movement's history; leadership--political parties, individuals, and militant groups; and current Needless to say, Anglican separatists definition did not approve of the Separatists' actions.

Laws were passed requiring all English citizens to attend the services of the Church of England, under the threat of harsh punishment. In separatists definition, for example, English King James I vowed, 'I shall make them conform, separatists definition I will hurry them out of the land, or do worse.

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