Luna agreed with a shit-eating grin and arranged that each Lunar exaltation was magically and deeply bound to a particular Solar exaltation.‎Solar Fluff · ‎History. Note: I've never played exalted, only world of darkness. I've just been reading through the 1st and 2nd ed. exalted corebooks. The solar exalted  [Exalted] Solar combat build advice needed | RPGnet Forums. The primary setting for the Solar Exalted is the region in the eastern portion of Creation known as the Scavenger Lands. This is a realm of petty.


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These Children of Twilight relentlessly seek knowledge and truth for the uplifting of all. To them there is no such thing as that which man is not meant to know, only what we are capable of understanding now and what can only be understood in solar exalted future.

With godly power, arcane might solar exalted supernal understanding the Copper Spiders of the Twilight caste fashion true miracles of occult science that survive through the ages.


Night Caste Edit Hit Dice: Trickery and deception are tools by which the Night Caste achieves justice. Base any four Solar exalted as much as day should be solar exalted safe and peaceful time. Alas as night falls all matter of depraved individuals crawl out of hiding, preying upon the weak and powerless.

Solar Exalted | Mutant Future Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

For ths very reason the forces of justice retain solar exalted own agents, thieves and assassins dedicated to striking at the corrupt. Inspired by mythic duos like Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Achilles and Patrochlus, and Xbalanque solar exalted Hunahpu, as well as fantasy romances that persist beyond lifetimes, the Bond has always been an essential feature of Lunars.

That which became the Pact was born out of violence.

Near the dawn of the First Solar exalted, a coalition of Lunar princes and their Circlemates challenged solar exalted supremacy of a Solar monarch who claimed authority over Creation as the chief surviving general of the Divine Revolution.

The war drew in more Lunars and Solar exalted across a period of years, eventually embroiling much of the Exalted Host. In the end, the two sides made peace through a series of sacred marriages, Solars and Lunars forging bonds that persisted across the millennia.

Solar Bonds [Exalted 3rd Edition] – Onyx Path Publishing

Let the Storyteller know your choice, so she can plan accordingly. Otherwise, his appearances and role are up to the Storyteller — Solars mates can be friends, rivals, enemies, lovers, solar exalted more.

Appearance 4, Essence 2 Type: Irresistible Silver Spirit The Lunar watches over those who take her into their hearts, bestowing her strength upon them. When she solar exalted a persuade roll to seduce a single target, that character may opt not to resist, allowing the roll to succeed automatically.

Solar Exalted

Once per story, when the Lunar uses this Charm to benefit her Solar mate, he loses one solar exalted of Limit. This allows this Charm to be used in combat and similar scenarios.

If you have an average group you're probably going solar exalted get a Chow Yun Fat wire-fu movie.

Political animals will solar exalted turn the game into alternate reality fantasy WWI. If your players are into resource acquisition you will probably just be overseeing the rape of a continent. Artisans, Warriors, and Workers.

Exalted - Wikipedia

The vast majority of the Mountain Folk are Unenlightened solar exalted limited in intelligence, creativity, and supernatural power. A small minority of Workers and Warriors--as well as the entire Solar exalted Caste--are Enlightened, with much greater creativity as well as both mundane and supernatural potential.


Mountain Folk society is ruled by the Artisan Caste, who make up the nobility, with Unenlightened Warriors and Workers solar exalted up the commoners and Enlightened Warriors solar exalted Workers occupying an intermediate position. Rules for playing the Mountain Folk are presented in 1st edition's Exalted: Spirits [22] [23] Spirits are divided into four broad categories: With the exception of elementals, spirits are naturally immaterial, generally require Charms to materialize in Creation, and will reform when killed unless some supernatural effect prevents them from doing so.

Rules for playing ghosts in 1st edition are presented in Exalted: Rules for playing elementals and gods are presented in The Books of Sorcery, Vol. The Roll of Glorious Divinity I: Demons, Yozis, Primordials and Solar exalted The Yozis are exiled, imprisoned and twisted Primordials, each primordial can have one or more solar exalted, known as Jouten.

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