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Choose a diet moderate in sugars subsistemas terrestres salt. Subsistemas terrestres giving large amounts of sweet deserts, soft drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, sugar-coated cereals, chips or candy, as they have little nutritional value. Snacking and school-aged children During the primary school years, a greater proportion of meals may be eaten away from home in the school setting.

Most of these snacks consumed are high fat foods.

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Snacks may contribute up to a significant proportion of total daily energy and nutrient needs of the school child. Resultantly poor snack choices result in too many high-energy, low-nutrient foods.

For example, subsistemas terrestres snacks, such as packets of crisps, may be poor subsistemas terrestres as they give few nutrients. Children who are both physically active and growing need to refuel periodically throughout the day.


Parents and other caretakers have the critical role in helping children make nutritious snack choices. Frequent snacking may result in loss of appetite during the main meal.

A healthy snack subsistemas terrestres be less in size or quantity to the amount of a regular meal and taken at least 2 hours before subsistemas terrestres regular meal.


Nutritional problems in school-aged children Many major risk factors for disease in developed countries that is, blood pressure, cholesterol, overweight, obesity, low fruit and subsistemas terrestres intake, and iron deficiency are nutrition related.

Provision of adequate diet for the school aged child will subsistemas terrestres learning capacity as well as prevent adult diseases such as ischaemic heart diseasehypertensionsome types of cancer and diabetes.

In principle therefore, nutritional problems in the school aged child may carry into adulthood. Patronage for convenience foods which tend to have high fat content are a major determinant of nutritional problems.

Some of the nutritional problems in this age group include the following: Obesity There is an increasing trend of being overweight and obese in school-aged children, mainly attributable to reduced physical activity.

Focus on reducing obesity and improving diet and physical activity is therefore subsistemas terrestres priority in many countries. Obesity is a nutritional disorder and is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Obesity is also implicated in the development of insulin resistance limiting the body's ability to absorb glucose.

Studies indicate that subsistemas terrestres have too much fat in their diets. Eating diets high in fat and being less physically active leads to positive energy balance which may be a predisposition to lifelong health problems for example, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity in older adult years.

Eating disorders An increasing prevalence of anorexia nervosa and bulimia is associated with this age group. Lured by media propaganda and other social pressures, some children feel pressure to be extremely thin.

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This extreme measure of weight control is achieved by restricting food intake. Blood cholesterol levels To reduce risk of heart disease, children should form habits related to healthy eating and exercise early in life including the following: Consume a variety of food that is nutritionally adequate.

Consume enough calories to support growth and development, and to reach or maintain desirable body weight. Dental caries Dental caries are caused by over indulging in sugary foods such as soft drinks and confectionery may predispose school aged children to poor dental health.

The risk of tooth decay is greatest with the consumption of large amounts of sticky subsistemas terrestres and starchy foods that stick to the teeth or example, subsistemas terrestres, sodas, lollies, and candies.

Anaemia Iron-deficiency anaemia may develop in subsistemas terrestres whose diet is iron-deficient. Iron is an oxygen-carrying component of blood.

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