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Creates a sequence object and specifies its properties.


A sequence is a user-defined schema bound object that generates a sequence of numeric values according to the specification with which the sequence was created. The sequence of numeric values is generated in an ascending or descending sucesiones numericas ejemplos at a defined interval and can be configured to restart cycle when exhausted.


Las secuencias, a sucesiones numericas ejemplos de las columnas de identidad, no se asocian a tablas concretas. Sequences, unlike identity columns, are not associated with specific tables. Las aplicaciones hacen referencia a sucesiones numericas ejemplos objeto de secuencia para recuperar su valor siguiente.

Applications refer to a sequence object to retrieve its next value. The relationship between sequences and tables is controlled by the application.

Números de Fibonacci

User applications can reference a sequence object and coordinate the values across multiple rows and tables. Specifies the unique name by which the sequence is known sucesiones numericas ejemplos the database.

El tipo es sysname. A sequence can be defined as any integer type. Any user-defined data type alias type that is based sucesiones numericas ejemplos one of the allowed types.

Sucesiones aplicadas en la vida real by on Prezi

If no data type is provided, the bigint data type is used as the default. The first value returned by sucesiones numericas ejemplos sequence object. The START value must be a value less than or equal to the maximum and greater than or equal to the minimum value of the sequence object.

The default start value for a new sequence object is the minimum value for an ascending sequence object and the maximum value for a descending sucesiones numericas ejemplos object.

Si el incremento sucesiones numericas ejemplos un valor negativo, el objeto de secuencia es descendente; de lo contrario, es ascendente. If the increment is a negative value, the sequence object is descending; otherwise, it is ascending. El incremento no puede ser 0.

Test psicotécnico de series numéricas (Nivel 1)

The increment cannot be 0. El incremento predeterminado para un nuevo objeto de secuencia es 1. The sucesiones numericas ejemplos increment for a new sequence object is 1. Specifies the bounds for the sequence object.


The default minimum value for a new sequence object sucesiones numericas ejemplos the minimum value of the data type of the sequence object. This is zero for the tinyint data type and a negative number for all other data types.

The default maximum value for a new sequence object is the maximum value of the data type of the sequence object. Property that specifies whether the sequence object should restart from the minimum value or maximum for descending sequence objects or throw an exception when its minimum or maximum value is exceeded.

Note that cycling restarts from the minimum sucesiones numericas ejemplos maximum value, not from the start value. Increases performance for applications that use sequence objects by minimizing the number sucesiones numericas ejemplos disk IOs that are required to generate sequence numbers.

It only caches the current value and the number of values left in the cache.


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